Hey Everyone My Name’s Ian!

Story Time:

One day, while I sat in my freshman college “Intro to Business” class at Ohio University, I realized I was unhappy. I was getting terrible grades in my classes, couldn’t focus on my studies, and had no passion for the parties at the time. It’s not because I didn’t care… it’s because I was busy. I was busy in my dorm room sewing tags onto each tshirt I was selling online.

That very same moment I realized I was unhappy in class, was when I realized I had to make a change in my life. I knew that if I waited four years after I had a degree in my hand, I would have lost out on the opportunities that my passions within me had manifested.

I realized that the time spent learning how to run a business out of my dorm room was far more rewarding than any class was. I finally had enough with suppressing my true passions so I did what most wouldn’t even contemplate doing…

I dropped out of college.

My family was completely distraught, it was almost like they lost a member of the family. The number of people who told me I was ruining my life piled in. Negativity surrounded… but this was what my gut was telling me I had to do.

August 2013, when it was time to go back for sophomore year… I didn’t.

Starry-eyed as if I just punched my ticket to successville, I moved to Columbus, Ohio to co-found a “real” startup. This was it for me… give me a couple months and I will be self reliant and proving all the pessimists wrong.

As you can imagine, it didn’t play out that easy.

These last nine months of my life have been a world wind of emotion and reflection. Through this reflection and many side projects I have come to realize that what I love is branding and helping others in pursuing their dreams. Business and social media are the mediums in which I am best at working towards these passions.

I no longer am that naive starry-eyed entrepreneur… I am the one that respects the low points in the climb. Why? Because I’m there.

In addition to my startup, I am a Social Media Marketer for a handful of awesome and truly inspiring companies. The fact that they give me the reigns to their community, to impact and touch the lives of thousands daily, is truly humbling.

For those who have made it this far, I imagine you can likely relate to this little bio… For those of you who are reading, never forget that you are worth so much to this world. The strongest value is the passion emitting from every bone in your body. Never allow mediocrity to enter your life, and NEVER at all costs settle for normal.

So that is a bit about myself… A rant? Perhaps. But basic “About Me” pages are boring.

Now that you know a bit about me, I want to know about you! Please contact me via Twitter or email and lets talk.

Have a wonderful day 🙂

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