Failure Is Not Great, Let’s Get Real

Failure Is Not Great

Lately it seems like every person on my social media outlets has been preaching that failure is this magical wonderful thing that should be embraced and encouraged.

This has really pissed me off.

I have failed a bajillion times and not once have I come out of it happy and glad it happened to me at the time. The reality is folks, failure sucks. That’s why it’s called failure. It happens, and instead of sugar coating it let’s take a minute to figure out a way to represent it for what it’s worth and not what everyone is morphing it into.

I understand that there are a ton of entrepreneurs and young motivated individuals that are eager to spin everything they do into something that wasn’t a mistake. They are afraid of looking like a fool to their network of friends, family, and colleagues. I get that, I mean you are looking at the king of re-branding himself (not proud about it).

However, I think when you think this way you are only hurting yourself when you try to cover it all up. Mistakes and mis-steps happen, it’s part of the game of life. Admit you failed, but don’t forgive yourself that easily. Be pissed off that you just wasted a million dollar investment from an angel investor, scream at the top of your lungs because you just made a terrible deal, curse yourself for the stupid decision you just made for the company that employs real people who are effected by YOUR FAILURES.

Oops I failed

Embracing failure as a positive learning curve is only hurting your chances to actually learn from failure. Admit that it sucks, admit that it could or did effect your lively hood or more importantly your employees and colleagues lively hood. In all reality, you should strive to never mess up. Be pissed off when you do, and never make the mistake again. Don’t get me wrong, failure drives the most successful people but it isn’t because the act of failing is so luxurious as the media is making it seem.

Please don’t misconstrue this article into something that it isn’t. You need to take risks, you need to live on the edge, you need to put yourself out there for failure to happen. But don’t bathe in your failures, move on from them and be so pissed that it didn’t work that it motivates you to get it right.

But most importantly, stop preaching that failure is wonderful and spend more time doing stuff.

There’s a great possibility that I am just one small fish in the failure discussion pond. Take what I profess with a grain of salt, but my personal experience deems failure as a dirty word that I try to stay away. Open arms are never something I try to associate it with. I am a huge risk taker, sometimes to much, but I have never once said oh well hey… maybe I’ll fail. I say… I WILL WIN. If I don’t (which happens often) I am surprised and pissed enough to figure out why.


Let’s say you’re on the edge of a bridge ready to make that bungee jump. How confident would you be in the bungee cord operator if he said “Well, sometimes we don’t get the calibration right, but hey… failing is a learning experience”. I would likely get very angry at the guy, and obviously not jump. 

Why treat your life like this? Don’t be foolish.

What are you thoughts? I’m sure you have some… I dare you to comment. ;)

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