First Kiss: A Striking Video


Perhaps the most stunning video I have ever watched was the viral Youtube video titled “First Kiss” written and ¬†directed by Tatia Pilieva

Before I get to much into it, I suggest you watch again (because I assume you have seen it already)…

When I watched this for the first time a few days ago, something inside me was moved. How could a three minute video of people kissing for the first time make me go on such a journey in my thoughts and feelings. I think this is why it went so viral so quickly, because so many other people had these same thoughts.

Why is a first kiss video so powerful?

Was it because it was a relatable video? Was it because it showed our species in such a beautiful and unique way never expressed before? I think there is cause to believe that it’s a combination of both.

For me, what struck me was the passion in this video. Watching complete strangers go from being completely nervous to so quickly trusting one another within each others arms during their first kiss, was amazing. If I had shown you this video without you knowing they were strangers, I highly doubt you would have thought they were anything but long standing couples.

At the end of the video, all the strangers were either extremely happy or extremely amazed. Personally the biggest question I want answered is if any of these strangers ended up having a relationship or perhaps going out for a cup of coffee afterwards.

Perhaps this mystery is the magic of this short experiment. It leaves us to question for ourselves, what could come of these deep passionate instances. I’m not sure there is any call to action from this experiment, and in fact I don’t think the writer had any other motive than to portray a certain kind of beauty. If I had to conjure up some type of call to action though, it would be this…

We can’t allow ourselves to be shutout from others. As individuals, putting up walls that refrain others from coming in and embracing you is only harmful to the happiness within you. Trust others in moments rather than ideals, because the future is never certain but the present is.

What are your thoughts on this short video portraying strangers as they share a first kiss? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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Photo & Video Credit: Tatia Pilieva

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